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Hobby of the month
My crap
13th-Dec-2006 12:08 am
been hanging out in the studio the last few days, it's great to be pretending to be in control for a bit. i am going to try to have enough 'quality' stuff to sell at an upper end inner city market early feb.  that'll be cool. 

anyway the mess. old glass pushed against the wall. clay working higher on the priority. hurrah


monstah as disscussed. 100g terracotta (as per festy-val stuff), 200g, and 300g. the bigger beaker is 380g ish. maybe. 


the little one will be a great single shot. the 3rd largest would be a good 250ml cup (i recon ;). the little one also is turned to within an mm of it's life. i think they all look like plant pots *shrug*  direction required the white flared one in the background will hold about 200ml. it's much thinner at the base than it looks.

13th-Dec-2006 09:53 am (UTC)
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