sui (sui_001) wrote,

The end is nigh - Brothers flee to the hills, They have banded together. The forces of evil are working against me. I am doomed! DOOMED I tells ya.

They have joined forces, teamed up, united in sisterly solidarity, consolidated their ideas... and unleashed hell.

You guys know what I am talking about, you women folk take heed! The dreaded 'spring move the house around' is upon me. Another year of having to ask where everything is. another year of bumping into stuff in the middle of the night, another year of working out my 'spots' for things.. *sigh* GONE. all gone..

The Girlfriend and Flatmate (both firmly of the womanly genre) have decided to move the house around. This means squeezing a whole living room into a dining room (half the size), and the dinning room and computer room into the living room... WHY ? yes.. that is an excellent question..

I personally feel that I bought a house (hurrah for mortgages) so that I DIDN'T have to move everything every year. So that all my stuff could be out and have a home, rather than packed into boxes.. but NONO.. *sigh* apparently this is the wrong idea. Apparently I am meant to be happy that the dinning room - of which one wall is completely covered in books - is meant to be moved. apparently I am meant to be HAPPY that 2 couches are being squished together, and that a nice surround sounded room is being ruined and with no plan to make it good in the new area.. apparently the stereo 'isn't that good' anyway - CHICKS!! (have I ever mentioned that I don't believe women can hear stereo ?)

Anyway the good thing about this is at least I can indulge in a little grumpiness for the next month or so.. yes let's look forward to that! ;)
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