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compost bees rescue service 
8th-Dec-2006 10:43 pm
  got a call on the beekeeping hotline.

"bee's in compost bin. new swarm. go."

i kitted up and headed out into the afternoon.
 arriving on the scene i cast a quick eye over the situation. it looked dire, but refusing to give into panic i looked deep inside, took a deep breath, raised my war axe and with a furious bellow upon my lips, lead forth the masses into battle.

Lifting the lid proved perilous, but undaunted i pressed into action.

the bees remain calmed and chose to calmly submit, offering surrender easily.

i frown at their ease in morals at such an easy defeat.
  they had a structured society, which i ruthlessly rehoused into my ideal labour force.

they now worship ME as god!

13th-Dec-2006 02:21 am (UTC)
OH sui!

We *all* worship you as a god....

But seriously - congratulations on the course.
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