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dac wheel forming final assessment

This family of ovoids has utilised the simplest curve, allowing the glaze to the be feature that draws the eye. Although the initial look will be at the wondrous snowflake patterns, or the streak of a runny glaze, the ovoid form underneath soon becomes apparent to the observer. It is soothing and calm amongst the randomness of the crystalline glaze.

Whether based upon a simple straight walled wine bottle, or a stub necked medicine vessel, these two families offer the viewer the opportunity to be used not only as functional pieces, but also decorative. The bright black glaze is sleek and elegant, offering a solidity to these simple pieces that a jumble of other colours may have no provided.

All these pieces had a number of challenges which i strove to overcome. the mastery of the spinning wheel and the placement of hands upon the spinning clay is a lifelong achievement, of which i have only just begun. The turning, drying, and sanding time taken before a first firing, all require infinite patience, of which i find myself lacking. The application of glaze, and the appropriate choice of glost firing for a final treatment all come into play. The making of these vessels marks a high point in my technical and artist ambition, which i hope will only go further..

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