sui (sui_001) wrote,

My arse was warm on Saturday, my friends. The sun fully shone down upon it.

What am I talking about? WELL.. read on.

I don't know how many of you know about the SCA, but basically we are medjeeval nutters, who wear costumes, some guys (myself included) and girls get into armour use wooden (rattan) sword and beat the bejesus outa each other.. It's fun, full contact and as close as one can get to life threatening , and still remain mortal.

So Saturday was the Australia wide tournament, to decide our next King. I entered. I came 2nd.

Let me just say, that I am (in my own opinion) an OK fighter, nothing super - BUT - I was firmly on fire on Saturday. The comment about my arse, well there's a saying that I included last daylog "The sun can shine on even a dog's arse somedays" meaning that everyone can have a bit of luck.. I have no idea where this comes from, it might even be node worthy in and of itself, but let me restate, my arse was happily wiggling in the baking warmth of our Sol. - And what a good feeling it was. I had the crowd cheering me on, the fighting was fun and fast. I was feeling good - nervous, frightened, scared stupid, but good - My Lady, who is the inspiration, and desire for my fighting (ok.. she's the one I am showing of to.. ;) was looking beautiful, and smiling.

I feel that I made the guy who eventually won, work bloody hard to get it ('kill' me) so ... WOW.

I am SO on top of the world today. I am about to go treat myself to some Chinese lunch food with a friend of mine even though I can't afford it..

Tonight My Girlfriend, flatmate and I are holding a Cup party and tomorrow I have a day off, so how much better can life get ???

Ahhhh summers heat rolls across my desk. yeah..
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