sui (sui_001) wrote,

dac glazes. crystalline. colour.

This is a big one. no apologies.


  Once upon a time, in a galaxy far far away, there lived a nice young fellow. he enjoyed long walks in the open, cake, boobs and sleep (probably in that order, well.. maybe not)

One day, whilst walking in the wide outdoors, he had a ground breaking idea, "Why not," he mused, thinking this through fully, "why not do this 'properly'. the way they told us it is to be done. a way that will change all of mankind, everywhere. forever."

and so it began.
 Months of exhaustive research, sweat, tears, meals, walks, and a distinct lack of boobs, finally began to culminate.
there one fine kiln opening, was a riot of colour. a menageries of textural goodness. a host of interesting and strangely similar but still unique forms.
this was the rise of versatile crystalline firing. 
  His pan ultimate battle finally emerged. after 100 vary-ing-ly unsuccessful efforts there began to emerge a glaze that could reveal the hidden mysteries of the universe.
could this be true? secret rumours of The Hidden glaze abound amongst any ceramic circle. could this be It?

The skies wept torrents, the heavens unleashing upon the very earth, when it was discovered this wasn't The One True Glaze, simply One That Worked.  
 disheartened, but unremittant, our stalwart hero took himself to the tallest darkest part of the castle, and sealed himself in. spells of binding held the door at the base of the tower, and ghoulish apparitions patrolled the stairs.
weeks went by and only candlelit shadowy images could bee seen through in the windows far above the ground.

finally however, emerged another triumph. The One That Worked now came with Colour. blues beep as an ocean, or as bright as the hottest summer day. greens found in a rainforest. browns that would be lead forth by the next messiah. opals, that looked, very opal-y.
  it was a clear success and now acclaimed hero, walked proudly, freely, and openly amongst an awed populace.
 It is to note that as our hero now walks there is a playful glint in is eye. look closely and you might just get a glimpse of the curious wonders he is further thinking of.

what is yet to come...

Tags: crystal glaze, testing
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