sui (sui_001) wrote,

Dearest Xenex and Cornflakes,

Thank you for attending the Cup party that was held at my premise yesterday. My friends also enjoyed your company and found yourselves to be good value and interesting. We enjoyed your company.

The "nectar of the gods" that you sampled - I am glad you enjoyed some of it, but I do recall saying, as I handed it to yourself, "Here try this Mystery beer".. your reaction to it both surprised and amused myself. I am pleased that you were also comfortable enough to partake in the weird and wonderful, and again, was amused at your reaction. Cheers in return!!

As for the spoon game - you are what can only be defined as a great sport and I am sure that you will carry the tradition of this game forward. I trust that you will play with the skill and honour that was taught to yourself. I also hope your lumps heal sooner rather than later...

You will be pleased to know the godless soy-based meat substitutes that you abandoned in my household fed my dog, and for this she (the dog) is grateful although disappointed at the meatlessness of them.

I would like to extend my most heartfelt thanks in return to both yourselves for attending the simple BBQ spread, you added to the flavour of the eve and following day.

Unfortunately I will most probably not be attending this Friday night, as I have my daughter this weekend, and she fails to enjoy the SCA I don't attend - BUT - I will be on going to 'Monthly Bash' on Sunday, and I will forward further details to yourself (and anyone else in the Melbourne region that wants them!) shortly.

Yours most sincerely,
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