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dac mosaic II 
11th-Oct-2006 12:30 pm
got the bits out of the kiln and layed the out with spacing to fill the 400mm x 400mm space. the cream coloured stars are the actual clay body showing through clear glaze - these are to have gold luster applied (yeah there's _another_ firing in there also). the plastic you can see is contact to help me hold the whole thing down.

here's what it will look like on the tile once glued down.  shiny!

i am a bit disappointed with the colouring of the tiles. i had hoped for a better application, and colour variance *shrug* i think it's amusing how american flag this looks, and given it's an Islamic-y design pattern, the joke just gets funnier. to me anyhow
12th-Oct-2006 03:38 am (UTC)
You have to admire that instructor's conviction.
"Pick something you like and shove it down everyone's throats!"

Hey I think the overall look would be more "Islamic-y" if you stuck with blue & white with touches of gold.

It's all looking really great Dude - well done for sticking with it until you found a way to do it that you like.
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