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beekeeping - queen information

after preping the hive the other day, i have removed and replaced the top super. extraction to be soon. I went through the rest of the hive today. I had worried that it might swarm soon, and discovered (both to my delight and concern) that i had been right. 

so we have (above and below) a queen grub and a queen cell (intact)

there was a number of these, approx 1-2 per frame, so around 16ish.

i went through and removed burr comb, made the frames nice, and scrapped all the queens off, this should give me another few weeks to prepare to 'find the queen' and the hive should be clean enough to go through easily.

the image below is next to a 5c piece.  - i should note also, that these are hanging so the queen is pointing down (as you are now looking at it, and are built off the face of the comb. i will try to get that picture next time.

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