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dac wheelforming 
11th-Sep-2006 11:34 pm

after a day of throwing, this is what appears. we've moved onto 'ovoids' and 'closed' forms.
i am hanging for a break in a week.
12th-Sep-2006 10:32 pm (UTC)
You can make closed forms that are toroidal instead of speherical - but it has been a while since I have done one. It was kind of like making a platter and then folding it back onto the center although you can make the concentric bowls without doing it that way. Dang I need to work with the clay to remember exactly what I did - one way was to throw a bowl by opening up the form off center and then opening the center for the inner piece. If you open off center you can make it into a closed form again and remove the center - I made a stand for a bowl that way and then manipulated it into a triangular shape once. It is easy but most people focus on just bowl/vase shapes. If you make a closed ring you can let it go leatherhard and then carve opens into it for another kind of fun non-spehere/bowl form.

If I can think of a better way to explain it I will - but no I wasn't referring to coil work.
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