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dac - friday wrap up

still pretty excited about having enrolled in another course. you'd think with 10 weeks of the scholastic year, i'b be looking forward to nothing but the end. i'm a bit worried to report that i feel nothing but panic. i am deeply concerned with my my marks. it's a wakeup call i guess i needed, so i am thankful for that.



to begin, that saga of the ducks. i want these to be successful, and have been churning them out in an effort to have lotsa test tiles. they take 5 minutes of attention every 30 minutes so are a good excuse to 'take a break'   ;)  they're porcelain and when fired to ^10 there's a ~15% shrinkage, which seems to be a lot.
i don't know how/what to do with these guys, but i have a sense they're 'it' i just can't work out how - yet.

 another foiled attempt at crystalline glazing.
i got some on these, but the glaze is supposed to be clear, the crystals large, and a lot runnier than it is.
  believe it or not this is a pikture of a pelvis hanging from string. having applied charcoal to the entire thing, rub out the light bits, then add more black and smudge. i hate charcoal.

I am trying to break up a lj full of images of pottery, appreciate the art.
 this rather jaunty batch of ragtag pottery are the different tests that have gone into this fruitful crystalline experience.  

I awaiting an exciting Daughter positive weekend

Tags: over it, pottery
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