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woah, the world is moving again.

been doing 40 hr weekends @ dz. i have moved into gear at tafe, and signed up for another course during my wednesdays that had become 'spare time'. hurrah. it's ganna be in the glass dept, lead lighting(i know they also offering glazing as a course, but i want the girlier one pls!). so it's good to be back into 'the game' it's been a while.


these lovely objects are heading into the world of 'daffodils as lamp/wall lights' the 2 pieces are both paper clay about 5-6mm thick. they're very light, end the darker clay is caused by the wet clay. i have serious fleshed out my visual reference book(s) which strangely has helped a lot. i have been taking less pictures and attempting to draw a lot more also. sadly it's to everyone's detriment and we shan't look at those! nono.

finally, the only sunlight i seem to be getting recently is the streaming light into the arcade centre for the last hour (or so) of daylight. they it fades down behind the mc donalds between us and the beach, and finally it sets into the sea. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww... anyhow, it's clearly insufficient lighting, as the lights are still on in the centre. i turn them on when i arrived (3pm) 

Tags: dac handforming, darkzone, whinge
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