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dac wheelforming 
28th-Aug-2006 08:07 pm

family of cylinders and bowls.

the bowls worked 'ace' the cylinders i had all sorts of grief with and of the 6 starters only 3 survived the cut.

individually they looked like this:


compared to the end of last semester they're a MARKED improvement. i've used porcelain for half of them and attempted a crystal glaze (even if it failed dramatically).
I'm confidently using more clay and happy to play with the turning, and firing. over-all a good effort.

i had a helluva time grinding the bottoms off the cylinders (from the glaze that ran) - i even broke the grinder and then later in the day i went to the dentist and got more fillings huzzah. it's been a frustrating day with a reasonably surreal edge, from only getting 4 hrs of sleep last night.

I keep meaning to get a vtac number, i've filled in the monash uni application but needs this STUPID 3rd party number to apply. *sigh* i swear i don't for the life of me understand how kids get into uni, when i as an adult, am finding this the most challenging thing i've ever encountered.

at least i got my assessment in on time

28th-Aug-2006 11:56 am (UTC)
Well if they turned out to be faliures in terms of the glaze I think they still look great. Besides this way they are very much individual one off pieces....

4th-Sep-2006 02:51 pm (UTC) - hey there dude, thought you had forgotten me....
you know your work has come along amazingly...your throwing is supercalafrag....;)

I did not see you at the last forum...Victor Greenaway...I was kinda bored anyway kept nodding off...but caught up with the Ballarat crew they are doing woodfiring soon...oh yeah on that...remeber that opinionated old dude I was sitting with who had long white hair...Graham Wilki...he has Qudos galleries at lorn, they are doing a six day firing and need people for a roster in case you did nt know... not so sure when but very very soon...may go along myself...be a few mob i have not seen in a long while...would be a good experience for sure...drink some ports you know;)

I have hardly thrown a thing all year...been handbludging...if only i could stop writting, I am obsessed I shuld write a novel...i pratically do everyday, I have become obsessed with the human condition...
Have you seen the Charles Balckman at Fed Sq....absolutely amazing!!!
4th-Sep-2006 10:40 pm (UTC) - Re: hey there dude, thought you had forgotten me....
all this stuff got me a 'credit'. sigh.

i am dissapointed.

I would ove to do the firing, how do i find out more ?
5th-Sep-2006 01:12 am (UTC) - Re: hey there dude, thought you had forgotten me....
The International Network of Spies reports:
aaaawwwww , you poor thing a credit, dont be so hard on yourself, hey

What happened when you openned the kiln? Did your antispation burst into pure glee or did you fall to the floor crying?

Were you dissapointed before your results?
You have no need to satify outside of yourself, be true to yourself, even if means losing the credits, that is all we can do...a frustrated artist is one that is trying to satify the standards of someone else...;)If you are working towards truth you may discover things about yourself that may have not otherwise...then wamo you land yourself a distinction!!!

hmmmm as for Qdos, Graham Wilkie...in Lorne...there must be something in the phone book ;) I am not sure only know how to get there ;)

I am hoping to get down there myself, if so it would be good to catch up and have some proper chats...you ran away from me last time...am i scary?
5th-Sep-2006 02:59 am (UTC) - Re: hey there dude, thought you had forgotten me....
yeah that was me again...

I was actually just informed that the firing is happening right this very moment......BLAH!!!!!!!
I though it was next week for some reason...I must get my diary active again ;)

If you have the time, you may catch the last couple of days, if you get going quick smatie!

I wont be there unfort....;)
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