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dac wheelforming

family of cylinders and bowls.

the bowls worked 'ace' the cylinders i had all sorts of grief with and of the 6 starters only 3 survived the cut.

individually they looked like this:


compared to the end of last semester they're a MARKED improvement. i've used porcelain for half of them and attempted a crystal glaze (even if it failed dramatically).
I'm confidently using more clay and happy to play with the turning, and firing. over-all a good effort.

i had a helluva time grinding the bottoms off the cylinders (from the glaze that ran) - i even broke the grinder and then later in the day i went to the dentist and got more fillings huzzah. it's been a frustrating day with a reasonably surreal edge, from only getting 4 hrs of sleep last night.

I keep meaning to get a vtac number, i've filled in the monash uni application but needs this STUPID 3rd party number to apply. *sigh* i swear i don't for the life of me understand how kids get into uni, when i as an adult, am finding this the most challenging thing i've ever encountered.

at least i got my assessment in on time

Tags: bowl, dac, glazing, wheel throwing
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