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dac glaze (again!)

huzzah for me, victory is mine. i got a recipe to work. only took 5 tests and 2 firings. It hasn't run much has a nice clear glaze with well defined crystals formed. it intentionally left colourants out of it at this stage as i wanted to know that the glaze was going to work before i took it any further. i am planning a nickel (which with the high alkaline frit should go blue) and a greeny copper carb. it'd be ace if i could find the time to fire it in reduction and get another result with it that way.

a nice close-up of the crystals. they're kinda small but well seeded so at least i have some. this is the result of 4 hrs holding at 1050° c.

some more images from the test batch follow. the one on the left failed and looks nasty. the right picture is three different batches, one of which worked.

this one is the same glaze as (the working glaze) above but on a porcelain body.   the transparency is kinda cool and really shows up the white surface of the clay. it ran like a bitch on this body however.

Tags: crystal glaze, dac, test
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