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dac glazing

a tremendous failure. crystalline glaze. as predicted by everyone *grin* it had to happen. i don't understand why, other than the vagary that crystalline glazes are 'tricky'. i followed a recipe, in fact i tried 2. i fired to ^10 then held @ 1100 °c for 4 hours. i got some blue pots :

a coupla close ups for all those who feel they can diagnose and advise - the lot on the left used fritt 4113, the left fritt 4110. only difference. the clay is called 'superior white porcelain' (and i've had a bitch of a time throwing it into anything fun.


side by side they looked like this:

i think may i need the glaze thicker, and a new recipe. i am calcined(ing) zinc in a bisque firing over the weekend. see if it makes any difference.

bring on the wisdom
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