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dac plaster mould making

we've moved into the exciting realm of making 2 part moulds. below is the process of taking a duck shape (lovingly hand crafted by myself ) and turning it into a slip cast 2 part mould.
  we start with a model of the duck and cast it plaster. you only do half of the model. 'cause i'm a terrible and lazy craftguy i had to cut the mould in 2 parts and shave them back down to the halfway line. i have rejoined the two parts with clay, and put the model back into the 2 parts. this is called the waste mould
we then board up and around the waste mould sealing the edges with clay, apply 'soft soap' (dish washing liquid) so the plaster won't stick to the model, and pour in more plaster.

this then gives us a nice half of our mould. you can see the model and the 2 halves of the waste mould up the top. the waste went into the bin. the ruler is used to scrape the half nice and flat.
 the model is put in the above half, 'natches carved into the half (so we can line it up later), it's boarded up again, and we apply more soap. pour more plaster  and when it's set, the 2 halves come apart. the model was a little stuck so i was waiting till the whole thing hardened up a bit more before i removed it. but you can see the almost completed mould below. all i need to do is dill in a hole for the slip to be poured in (yes i could have cast one, but a drilled one is neater ;) 

tuesday is a huge day. 9am - 10pm. 3 classes. who'd have thought 3 art classes could be so tiring.
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