sui (sui_001) wrote,

well it's been a week.

A week ago today I was on my motorbike. coming into work. daylogs and nodes on my mind. I had spent a fabulous previous evening with girlfriend at the Astor theatre - this pleasant little late 50's cinema that has been redone. She had taken me to see the Mad Max double - I and II - AAhhhh very cool. Loud music, throbbing V8s, BAD 70's fashion (hard to imagine that at the same time Mad Max was released Lucas was working on Star Wars), and terrible scripting.

So here I am day dreaming about the node I was going to write, and the 15-20 C!ing's it was going to receive (NOT) when WHAM! a car turns right in front of me, suddenly. Having no time to react, but still being remarkably skilled (hahaha NOT) I managed to T-Bone a brand new Magna VRX. erg. so over the handle bars I soar, cross the top of the car I roll, thumping the ground I continue to roll down the road. I think I did two complete rolls on the road before I managed to do a big shake and pick myself up. Now came 'the fun'.

As I am standing up, looking back at the accident, the lady (a women driver...) jumps outs the car, "Are u ok?!!" she asked - some what panicky. "NO! I _really_ Farkin' HURT right now. DON'T talk to me!!" and gave her the 'dismissed' hand signal. This reduced everyone to stunned silence. Myself included - I am not a big swear-er) "I will want your details though!" I cast as she slunk off.

I had moved to the curb during this exchange, and removed my helmet, gloves jacket and other 'bits' I could take off, and was looking at the 'bike in the middle of the intersection, slowly leaking fluids (yes more than one..) I wandered towards it.. limping slightly, I was to discover later that I cracked my upper right femur, when a guys voice very tentatively said, "err.. can I help u mate?" I very calmly and quiet pleasantly turned to the guy and said, "Yes please. if you wouldn't mind that would be greatly appreciated." his stunned look told me that he had been expecting for me to rip HIS head off.. so we picked up the bike, and rolled/dragged it to the side of the road. Then I went back and picked up all the OTHER bits of faring, plastic, headlamp, indicator, etc that was still left, generally tried to tidy up.

Anyhow I could ramble about these details in great detail, but I wont as they are just details that lead to my receiving a quote from the motorcycle repairer saying, "DUE TO EXCESSIVE DAMAGE THIS BIKE IS DEEMED BEYOND ECONOMICAL REPAIR"

Brilliant. bloody brilliant.

I ended up with a very sore left heel, a slightly cracked upper right femur (not enough to plaster, but causing me to limp a week later), two sprained wrists, and a sore neck.

I am ok though. just extremely ticked off that STUPID VRX LADY WHO FAILED TO GIVE WAY! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
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