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My crap
dac results 
12th-Jul-2006 01:15 am
semester 1

2 Ds
7 HDs

i waited for the results over 2 weeks. i checked the mailbox everyday. i went to administration and asked today. they had my address wrong, i corrected the error and got a new printout.

15th-Jul-2006 12:52 am (UTC) - Results
The International Network of Spies reports:
Congratulations! We just wanted to say we can feel your enthusiasm (an lack there of at times)in our place every time we check your site. We're glad your enjoying it all so much and it shows in your work. Keep updating your site sweetie we really enjoy seeing how things are going for you and how much your enjoying it. We might not comment often but we still check it out a couple of times a week.

Babs and Dai

p.s. the thing we aren't allowed to talk about, Awesome! I think it looks fabulous. Babs
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