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dac design 
21st-Jun-2006 10:39 pm
oh. and _the mosaic_


i promise to never speak of it again. no way is this getting more than a 320 x 240 image. (until i am world famous and this is worth a million. then we can talk about it as much as we all like. but i want it remembered, i hate it.)

21st-Jun-2006 02:53 pm (UTC)
also it's dark and nasty.

the tiles don't show up as i thought they would, they aren't fitting together neatly, and i think the construction standard shoddy.

i was instructed to construct it using (in my opinion) substandard methods and no traditional techniques - which i feel were developed for a reason. it made the job harder than it needed to be and doesn't convey the same life it otherwise could have.

the overall class brief (and the classes direction) was seriously lacking. there was no written instruction to follow, and when the class agreed upon a "thermatic style" to follow, this got quickly changed. not for (again in my opinion) the better.

little to no consideration was given to following any of the little planning done.

there's a bunch of inter-personal details that i shall also not go into, but would like to list as a detraction from my overall pleasure taking of this experience.

the fact that another subject will be a basic repeat of this NEXT semester fills me with no less than complete horror.

i abhore the concept of what i shall be forced to bring into existance

i think i may require some distance from this for a time, and therefore request "healing time" from the wound this has inflicted upon my soul.

i hope YOUR kiln went well.

{end transmission}
21st-Jun-2006 03:04 pm (UTC)
Well, dang, no wonder you don't like it!

None of that shows in the photo. ;)

I've never done a project like this before (or any other pottery project, for that matter), so I can only imagine your frustration with this particular one...although, after reading all of that, I can see why you're not thrilled.

But I still like it.
(Deleted comment)
21st-Jun-2006 11:08 pm (UTC)
i think you should do it, and claim all the accolades. truely i am over it.
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