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I got into _THE BEST_ testing program - for 'The Drugs and Driving Unit, Centre for Neuropsychophamacology, Swinburne University of Technology' read on :

A month ago 'a friend' forwarded me an email with a photo-copied 'ad' it said something along the lines of "We need volunteers to take part in a study of the combined effects of alcohol and THC..." STOP THE PRESS! - the address was the Uni just down the road even!!

Thinking it a hoax, but thinking it would make a funnier story if I told them I followed the directions in the ad, I rang the number...

Turns out to be true! AND I get paid $300 bucks!! All they want me to do, is 6 two hour session in which they will attempt to get me to 0.05% BAC, and then give me cannabis cigarettes (of varying degrees of strengths) and then see how I fair in reaction tests! KEWL!!

I had to go and have a medical and fill in some paper work, answering a few questions about how much I generally smoke, and if I am allergic to anything... *shrug* and then a doctor listened to my chest took my blood pressure, and away I go!!

I got my letter of confirmation today, and I attend my 1st session on the 12th of December (this year, 2002) with the rest to follow. When I rang the original emailer he was stunned, and leapt onto the phone himself. heh heh heh - he had left it to late and missed out! HAHAHAHAHAHA Winner - SUI !! :)

This is very exciting, and to be honest I am pretty stoked to be a part of it. I had to take time off work, one arvo a week and my boss doesn't believe it , but, yeah.

I'll daylog more about the protocols and such when I know them - stay tuned cannabis lovers! !
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