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dac. weeks weeks of semester remaining 
1st-Jun-2006 07:02 pm
with 3 weeks to go i have spent the week focusing on wheelforming. the result: a tray (and 3/4 of a kiln)  of bowls and bottles all glazed and ready to go:

these guys are all in the kiln for a reduction firing in the morning. hurrah. pray this works or i'm hosed.

the bottles are terra sigulatta dipped and then stoneware white tops and insides. i am hoping they look 18C 'medicine' bottly. kinda.

the kiln all nice and ready to go. i only want a light reduction so i can have the green darkened with hints of red. the bottles up the top should do funky things (specially the terra sig, god knows wot it'll do)

the bowls are reasonably uniform and look good on a shelf together, with 4 really close and another 3 similar it's a great achievement. i'm hoping things go well.

all up i think it's a grand effort, pity i have let other things slide to achieve this. but if the plan works i have another 3 weeks to finish everything else off, which should be more than enough time, as i have a pretty good idea of assignments that are needed.

may the force be with us all.
1st-Jun-2006 09:38 am (UTC)
Looks most funky. So more pics up tomorrow to show off the end result?
1st-Jun-2006 09:50 am (UTC)
won't have pics till monday.

the worst part of ceramics is the waiting for it to cool down. i suspect thats the joy of raku, immediate results.

i shoudl point out confidence is high, but the chance for failure spectacular (as always ;)
1st-Jun-2006 10:39 am (UTC)
Looks great!!!

Ya, whenever I was in a pottery class the instructor always chanted "Don't Get Too Attached To Your Pots". Too many steps for things to go wrong - they usually don't but still...

Looking forward to the next set of pics.

And just need to say from what I can tell you are doing great with wheel throwing - especially getting thin consistent wall thickness with nice forms.
1st-Jun-2006 01:03 pm (UTC)
i am pretty excited about the results, it's pretty much my grand example of a semesters worth of wheel throwing (all 13 lessons), glazing, and firing classes.

it's good to see i got this far as i went out on a limb and promised this much, to my teachers as much myself, so regardless of outcome it's been a good week.
1st-Jun-2006 11:04 am (UTC)
What does the 'reducing' part refer to? From context, it seems to have something to do with colour?
1st-Jun-2006 12:59 pm (UTC)

check this post. it explains all.
(but it's basically an oxygen starved firing which makes the oxides re-act differently, and yes, changes the colours ;)
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