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dac firing saggar

saggars were used to keep wood ash and other gunk out of the firing process which involved clean white clays and glazes (in wood fired kilns). however they can also be used in reverse. making a clay box and then filling it with sawdust and other fun things can turn out spiffy decorations, whilst protecting your kiln.
i joined into another groups firing of a saggar:

 the saggar half loaded. its got a layer of sawdust and then pots carefully scattered through out. mine is the urny shaped pot with the banksia cone sticking out in the left of the image.
 that'd be it here. i've tied copper wire around the outside and chunked some copper carbonate directly onto the pot. (one of the girls had made eyes at the woodworking department next door, the guys had carried around several LARGE bags of the 'nicest sawdust they could collect', awwwww ) 
  much more sawdust was put in, a second saggar was loaded and installed into the kiln and then the whole lot was fired to cone 06 (bisque)
 once it had finished and the kiln cooled and opened this the result. lotsa black carbon and charcoal kicking around.  
  unloaded and brushed down reveals this stunning guy, there's not much scale here, its about 20cm high. i have been joking about the place it's for my ashes as it's 'urny shaped'. *shrug*

the results are quite wot i wanted, but kinda cool none the less. i am tempted to clear glaze and fire to stoneware to see what happens. will think about it for a week.
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