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dac catch up

woah huge weekend of excitement. it has taken me nearly 3 days to assimilate what has happened and process it into a simple lj entry.

lets start with the results of last Friday's firing and move around the ceramics bubble that i am currently ensconced in. these six 'liver' looking pieces weren't anywhere near what i wanted :) they're supposed to be greenier, but as i prophesied i went overboard on the reduction (the lure of the flame...) so armed with this knowledge i'll temper my urges next time and not starve the glaze so much to give me the effect of what i want.  the camera had a hard time focusing when i was taking the shots, and the lighting was bad, but i think i managed to catch these guys at their bestest.  they truly look a lot worse in real life *grin*

then of course there's all the below pics explained more on the little blue link:

 Wheel forming has turned from cylinders, to bowls, and then in a completing circle into bottles or ovliods. first attempts on the left.they're super heavy in the bases, but i am assured that i can turn the weight out of them. hopefully without going through the base...
 My struggle with Egyptian paste enters a new phase. on the right i've now bisqued, and earthenware fired these guys. although they are all meant to have the coating finally the bottle was meant to be bright blue and look cool. sadly the copper oxide might show up if i glazed it. the matt finish of the base slip is an interesting side effect, which more than a few people seems quiet pleased with, but frankly i think it's crap.. *sigh* back to the drawing board. However when all this stuff is fired the clay body should be a steely grey, which with bright blue, would look ace 
  the final set of 3 under glaze pencil tests. earthenware, oxidised stoneware, and reduced stoneware. the iron flavoured pencil hardly works at all, the cobalt is ace (no surprised there) and the copper is ok.
It's going to be easier to pay $10 to own something useful i feel. ;)
 here's a better shot of both the pieces i fired. the bowl was bisqued and then had the paste applied by spraying, i expected it to have flaked off, but it hasn't. remarkably it seems to be a good fit. the bottle had the paste applied whilst still green ware.
the current theory is the clay body pulled a buttload of the salts out of the paste which is why it never glazed. re-application of the paste will follow (both a saltier paste AND over the top of the existing stuff) 

again i apologise for the low lighting and dulled colours
Tags: clay, dac, decoration, slips, wheel forming
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