sui (sui_001) wrote,

The midday heat has driven many indoors, and a lazy city slowly grinds around. Businessmen with their expensive suits, ties lose and jackets open, scurry from shaded shop fronts to other shady patches. Sweat patches appear under the arms of those who have removed their jackets. Late 'teens free from school for the year, delight in the oppressive heat, smiling largely at each other. The boys in bright shorts and cut off tops, the girls tight shoestring tops and summer skirts.

My head feels slow and surprisingly I am in a dank mood. With my boss away for a few days, and with no immediate tasks or responsibilities I should be enjoying the summer afternoon.

My weekend was full and hectic, having taken my daughter to see the city shop Christmas windows - a bitterly disappointing animatronics '12 days of Christmas' display. Why do companies insist upon displays of snow and persons rugged up , in a southern land of oppressively hot Christmas, where shorts and a T-shirt, cold beer and seafood is the go from Christmas lunch ?

Whilst in the city, we ducked around to the nearby fairy tree and had a look. Although my daughter saw some of the magic, and girlfriend had brought bubble mix (to blow bubbles with) I think my daughter saw through the sham, and wasn't unhappy when I proclaimed 'time's up' . I suspect the light drizzle of the afternoon had a small factor in this.

Captain Cook's cottage is in the same gardens and we passed it on the way back to the car, but again, I think my explanation of how, 'Captain Cook didn't really discover Australia' was lost on her. She simply looked at me strange, wrinkled her face, and skipped off down the path.. heh.... kids.

She did however enjoy the large number of marriage parties that were having photos in the gardens, she shyly kept looking at the brides, and I wonder at the calculating look that was in her eye. hmmmmm .

Hopefully the weather will settle down tonight, and I can get some restful sleep, although the droning of a fan is pleasant as in your room, till the 3am 'morning chill' sets in and you wake up to turn the fan off, that is...
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