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dac. design and handforming

  mosaic. 20 hrs. all bees complete. ii get to move onto another colour. hurrah.
 tiles in place for this jobbie. the overly large tiles have shrunk in firing and fit together nicely. ii intend to arch the final ones much more, but need to test luster and glazes first. the pencil is for scale. it's brand new (so full length) this is weighing in under 300g atm that's pretty good.  
 the the plan of where this is going. Charlemagne didn't have it this good ii tell ya. can we all guess wot it is ?

ii am looking forward to the end of semester, even though the workload is full on right now. ii have a dozen assignments due in 4 weeks and they are all in the mid stages. it's kinda frustrating, as ii have been unleashed to use the student kiln (almost at will if ii can produce enough works to be continually firing). considering tomorrow will be the second reduction firing in a week, an all the second year students are astounded that ii'm interested ii take it ii am deviating from the norm. *shrug*

their loss is my gain, as ii find the technical side of ceramics fascinating. the actual 'making art stuff' well that can either be here or there, it's the start and end points that ii am enjoying atm. not really where or what ii am meant to be achieving, but again *shrug* ii think that right now ii could walk away with FAR more knowledge than ii'd ever even imagined  existed about clay, pottery, and kilns. hopefully this is a good thing.
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