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dac handforming

 to the right, my next grand experiment. a simple thrown bottle, with a batch of egpytian paste slip. leaving to dry and then fire, probably by the end of the week. everyone is trying to convince me it wont work - i am unconvinced. we'll see 
  this grandiose looking monstrosity is a 'wheel thrown, cut and re-assembled bowl. or will be. i was letting the halves dry before joining them. i gave them all a 2 cm off centre shift for fun. erg. no clue what i was thinking, but had the presence of mind to draw it first at the minimum.

these crappy fotos brought to you by the letter S (for sony-erricsson, the worlds acest fone) dunno why it's blue tinged the top foto was taken in bright sunlight. i figure i've messed with some settign somewhere...
Tags: dac, handforming
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