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dac clay types

this super fine image shows our egyptian paste figures all dried out. the salts in the clay body have leeched out and formed a crust on the outer surface. once fired these should react with the copper oxide (or any oxide for that matter) mixed in. this is one of the earlier glazes and i really want to be impressed with the results.

hunting thru fotos now to find my images of bettles and other things.

found the images from my files. they're shocking fotos as i wasn't used to the camera back then. and if i recall rightly i was in a foul mood that day (surprise *sigh*)
there's obviously lots of designs. i'll have to ge tof fmy butt and start carving. i totally dig all the funky colours, and more excitingly understand the basics for making them happen: once i have base moldels i can make sprig molds and then make a bit more clay body (addign oxides to colour) and i am away... amazing wot a little knowledge can achieve. hurrah

Tags: clay, dac, egyptain paste, reference
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