sui (sui_001) wrote,

Today I saw a monk on the way to work.

A small asian guy in orange robes. He looked so splendid - the cut of the robe, his shaven head, the wire framed glasses. He stood at the traffic lights and waited patiently, hands lightly clasped behind his back, quietly watching the traffic go by, a small smile playing across his lips.

What do they know that makes them happier? How does this guy pay for his existence? What brings him into the city ( this was an unusual thing - there ARE a lot of Hare Krishna's, but not many monks) ?

Not for the first time do I wish I had been born earlier, or possibly later. Although I fully enjoy the benefits of modern pharmacology and good dental care, I think I might have done wonders in another time. Then again, I might have just yearned to live in a different time/place in THAT time space like I do now heh heh .. kinda bends your brain a little. Maybe that is what the little guy was thinking...
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