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oxfam trailwalk 
8th-Apr-2006 08:58 pm
it all started so innocently. a simple call from a friend, "hi, wanna go in this bushwalk thing with us?". i replied affirmatively.  who'd've thought months later i'd be tired, wet, and exhusted after an endurance event that got canceled around me.

Team Los Caminartos (little Walkers) - time completed 29.x hrs, 178th (out of 500).
Loren, Sui, Jules, and Dave.

we left at 10am from jells park.

spirits were high as we completed CP1. 10.5 kms had been a walk in the park. here they handed out 'bunyip bars' i am reasonably certain they were bunyip free, as they tasted like crap, and i've always thought as bunyip to be a gamier meat.

CP2. this came and went a little tougher. 20km in. it was about 2pm. we were on track and kept our pace up. it was till cold, and had even been a little wet. there had been no indication of the way things were to be however.

CP3 the bottom of the '1000 steps' even though we had dinner awaiting us on top of the steps, we took time to fill up our bottles of water and enjoy the checkin and check out proceedure. at this point, unofficially we were 238th place. this raised our spirits greatly.

CP4 was a nightmare. it had been pouring rain. we were sodden, tired, and it was dark. we eat more food, and generally felt miserable. after a rest we headed out. the halfway sign was a welcome relief and got us rallied and pepped up again. u can see how rugged up we are. we're all wearing plastic poncos OVER our waterproof jackets. it was a bit silly, visiblity had dropped to bearly 2 meters, it was constant heavy rain, and i am lead to believe cold. the cold was less a problem as we kept our pace up.

CP5. after an enforced break of nearly 5 hrs whilst the weather 'settled down' (we took the opportunity to have a luxurious 3 hr sleep!) we left here 'refreshed' and ready to face the morning.  looking at the foto now i can see the pain and tiredness in both my and loren's face. dave and jules are powerhouses and fully slogged through the entire event with wit and humor.

CP6. about 10am. the bright sunny day hadn't arrived but we'd completed 15km of flat, dull, boring walking. the mountain in the background threatened to be hard.
after having a break here we got news that the organisers had shut down the last leg of the event. we now only had to get to CP7. 

thankfully as we came into CP7 the weather had cleared. i was still wearing a T-shrit, 2 cotton longsleeve tops and wollen jumper to keep warm. i had a number of blisters on my feet. i was begining to feel exhusted.

CP7. we made it. it was interesting to note how much interest and enthusiasm we lost knowing that we didn't have to do the last leg of the event. i had thought this leg would have taken only 3 hrs, but it took 4. not good. none the less i am pleased to say i have participated and done an extreme endurance event - an event that the organisers had to force a break (due to weather) and then further cancel. awesome.

i carried a pedometer which i clocked (imagine only making one to count 100,000 steps!) and it added up to 124,500 steps. i think i have done over 3,000,000 steps in training. i had a heart rate monitor on the entire time and had an average heartrate of 130 - 160 bpm ( i tried to get it above 200 a few times, but i couldn't ;).  the gps says we only did 83km, so we'll ignore that.  i completely failed to weigh in before the event and then after, which is a huge loss of data on my part - i am tempted to do the whoel thing again (next year) purely to see what effect that has on.

in general, i am gald that 5 days after my 33rd birthday i was able to compete, complete and enjoy such a physical challenge. i herby declare myself 'fit'
(if i have a heart attack in the next week you can all laugh)
10th-Apr-2006 12:19 am (UTC)
dude, amazing effort. you guys totally rule and i'm so impressed. talk to you later.
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