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Hobby of the month
My crap
ceramics - honey pots 
5th-Apr-2006 05:54 pm
the last week i've been flat out and hard pressed to get everything done.

below are the finished item for lucky ppl @ fresty-val.  there's 50 honey pots, all glazed and complete in a nice deep red terracotta.

all thrown on the wheel and stacked to dry.

then packed tightly into a kiln to bisque fire @ 1000° c

i took them to tafe and glazed th einside and rim of each. a quick job with masking tape and newspaper.

they then got special treatment of 1080° c to finish the glaze off, and arrived out of the kiln lookin glike the top foto.

i recon they're grand!

2 sleeps and i am facing the trailwalk. 100 km is getting more and more daunting. the weather has changed and with the onset of winter i am a bit worried about how cold it's going to be.
5th-Apr-2006 02:21 pm (UTC)
Honey is good.. and they look very sexy!

You should put some honey in em and then ship some to me in Hobart!
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