sui (sui_001) wrote,

The office smells like raw sewerage, and everyone is ignoring it.

I sit at my desk, feeling like my hands are chained to the keyboard. A dark and dank mood of tiredness, but artificially induced wakefulness from all the coffee I have consumed during the day, keeps my head swaying from side to side. The day is alternating between brilliant spring sunshine, and cold Melbourne drizzle.

The stench is making me gag.

Having been the only person 'caring' enough, I made the call to report the 'fault' this morning. Two men appeared and questioned me. I am on the 5th floor of an office block. How is it nobody else cares? These guys admitted that there was a bad smell, and tracked it to an broken toilet on the 1st floor. The toilets down there had backed up, and every time some flushed on a floor above it came out. Why did nobody down there report this sooner?

How can this be 2 weeks from Christmas. I know I am tired, but the mood is too quiet, and the weather abysmal. It should be _hot_, but it isn't. My typing is a loud noise, aside from 'the loud guy' who feels the need to share his opinion of TCP/IP tunnelling protocols AGAIN to the guy beside him (poor guy). Loudly enough for everyone to hear. SHUT UP. we call him PPP tunnel boy.

The smell is wretched. I will go home if I arrive and this is still here tomorrow.

I need sleep.
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