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 sorry it's been so long guys. i have been trailwalk practicing, going to tafe, and darkzone to work and then fitting sleep in there somewhere. i found my camera and have backdated things in and around when i lost it (it was at my sisters of all places). most of march now is filled in.

3 days ago i walked with trailwalker buddies lorren and jules, a grand total of 46km, took 10 hrs, and a mamoth 55,600 steps.

its taking me more and more time to recover from each activity but it's been a huge month for objectives.  i have missed a few of the earlier ones like, leather shoes went out the window early - funds were needed elsewhere. fighting has been given ovr also. the wax activities continued, but with the summer closing to an end beekeeping is on the outer spiral.  tafe went quiet a week ago for holidays whilst the bloody commonwealth games invades my city, but by the end of the week i was motivate enough to have used 2 bags of clay into pots of varying disjustingness but test firable for othr things, to have developed a nasty almost black clay slip and test fired my kiln and some pots.

the second week of holidays is proving to be interesting...
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