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dac firing 
28th-Feb-2006 03:06 pm
looking into a packed kiln. these three pillars are cones 05, 06, and 07. when the middle 06 cone 'touches it's toes' we've got 1009 degrees c. this is our bisque firing temp.
lovely fun being the kiln monitor today.

below are the same cones 6 hrs and 700 odd degrees higher. the camera is further away coz it's hot.

As kiln monitor i had to pack the kiln. below shows the kiln effiecently packed so that even though there ois more than enough space for all this stuff, we took up the least room possible. efficient apparently. none of my work is visible in this shot!


todays fun has been brought to you by my special fall back camera on my sony/erricsson 3 mobile. it's got a radio, a camera, blue tooth, infa-red, mp3,video  and other funky tools. i love it but i love my cannon icus5 more. *sob* come home! i promise to be nicer to you!
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