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The Captain Ann is docked right in front of my office window. she's a large blue ship, and obviously empty cause the water line is slightly higher than where I am, and I’m on the 3rd level.

The bridge of 'Ann is fairly high up, I would have to say another 3-4 stories up.. it's a big ship.

I have no idea what cargo she carried, but it's not containers, she was hooked up to pumps and things yesterday so it must be grain, or something..

I should explain my work situation. I have 2 offices. The 1st and primary one is at Telstra City West. There I have a desk, in a corner, and I sit and stare vacantly for any number of hours, then go home. The other is Getronics in Port Melbourne. Here I have a desk in the corner and I get hassled by bosses when I sit and stare aimlessly for hours.. needless to say, I try to avoid spending time at getronics.

it's meant to be hot again today, 40c but the air outside hadn't got that 'heated' dry feeling that truly hot days have, so I am doubting this forecast.
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