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dac clay decoration

i seem to struggle with tuesday and thursdays. the teacher is good, but not very directive. it's hard to have drive when you are unsure of what you are meant to be doing exactly.

anyway i played with shalacking a pot i had broken the base of yesterday. shalack is a cool product made from cockroach wings (apparently). you paint it on, then wipe the clay away with a wet sponge. then paint and re-wipe. kinda like screen printing. but not. the orange goop theoretically burns off when firing. i am sure everybody has a sun as there first idea to use this, but i wanted to see it work, and plan to burn a candle inside this. could be interesting.


below is an interesting effect i noticed a week ago, but didn't foto it. this week i made sure to.  all our pots are on drying racks, and it's cool to see the water in them is sinking to the bottom. they stay this way for about 2 days then suddenly go bone dry. although the flash lit this up, the corridor these are in is very open and well lit, and the grey/white colours of the drying pots is very refreshing in an odd way

Tags: clay, dac, decoration
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