sui (sui_001) wrote,

Why have my next door neighbours tarped off their backyard??

It started Friday afternoon, with a frantic flurry of activity that lead their family of 6 into unusual harmony of cooperation. There was hardly any voices raised in disagreement, only when they needed to be heard. The three boys and dad strained on the ropes, as directed by mum and eldest daughter.

I watched in secret - my voyeuristic nature all abuzz with what the weekend was to unfold.. which one was having a party, and why? I have often been the holder of parties, often late and loud. But I have NEVER had neighbours hold a party. How exciting! Would their music irritate me? Would they keep me awake all night? ahh.. to find out!

It was strange, I was half hoping that they would invite me, but I doubted it.. maybe I should have been nicer and invited them to my things... NAH!!

So Saturday rolls around there was activity in the backyard.. normal neighbour sounds, "MUUUM ?? ... DAD BLAh blah blah, blah?", music, and banging noises... Laughter. No party..

Come Saturday night, my usual friends had arrived and the usual swing of a sat night had taken place; a few drinks; a few drugs; and smiles all round... the Neighbours ? No noise! HMMMmmmmmmmmmmm thought I. Tomorrow! yes! during the day! I briefly wondered if they would block my driveway with cars - I always make sure that my friends don't block their driveway.

Sunday turns up. morning, lunchtime, afternoon and now I write this in the late evening. Nothing! We had a little rain, and wind, but the tarps have held together quiet well. The patchwork of different blues, and duct tape is intriguing - What have they got under there? what are they doing? why have they closed their backyard off from overhead view??
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