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beekeeping honey

A tale of 2 buckets.

(approx) 8 weeks ago, i began a challenge to myself. 2 full cycles of 'propper' beekeeping.

Placing a new super with 'fresh frames' - only empty frames and the waxsheeting - onto a hive, i shut the box and left them alone. 4 weeks later i removed the top box (the super) and opened it to find it brimming with honey.  i cut the cappings and spun the fames to get the left hand bucket worth below.
replacing the super with another set of fresh frames (i used the others elsewhere) i closed it up and left it for another 4 weeks.
the below right hand bucket is the result of that extraction. there's a good 2L more in the second extraction, so they not only drew the combs out, but managed to fill it with more honey. i am impressed.

it has been a butload of work, requiring a lot of attention and cleaning time. the kitchen floor is the major casualty right now, it's covered in wax crap, which is slowly getting trampled throughout the house.. ;) lucky it's a rental ...

i have a hive an hours drive away at pakenham which needs attention, it was moved 4 weeks ago, and i would like to have done 2 hives cycles. that would be cool.

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