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beekeeping extraction 
11th-Feb-2006 10:15 pm
extracted frames from the hive. that's twice in an eight week cycle. not bad.

anyhoo, we cut the capping from the frame. hot, thin knife goes through this stuff like a hot knife through wax..  funy thing that.


the ten frames that i robbed from the hive, ready to be cut and spun. you can see some of these were fresh into the hive four weeks ago. the older ones down the bottom have been in the hive nearly a year

below a little bit of the cappings and cell build up that gets trimmed off with the knife. this is the bit i find fasinating. such cool structures, it's strong, but fragile.
i melt this down to get the wax blocks in previous lj's

once you've spun the comb, here's the honey pouring out straight from the extractor. no human has touchd this product yet.
all the bits floating in the honey are the cappings, and other 'bee bit's this is why you treasure my honey, "may contain bits"
heh heh heh. cool.

this yeild approx 15L of honey. that's alot.
14th-Feb-2006 08:37 pm (UTC)

honey package will make it through to you eventually ;)

glad you're enjoying the pics.
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