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My crap
8th-Feb-2006 12:11 am
i got told and shown how to make a tile slab and then told 'abstract' on it with only 'removing to make texture', 'use this bucket of tools'.
so i did:

then i went on to fix my wheel. the guy at the shop had found an almost identical wheel, in his junk pile. That's a pile i wanna rummage ;)

anyway i took it hom eand plugged it in. worked weel. so i took it apart for the flywheel - having checked it was going to fit, yes. after a bit of swearing and an agle grinder, it fit alright, but still runs badly. *sigh*

7th-Feb-2006 04:06 pm (UTC)
OK I'm being dumb. Is that a pottery wheel on its side or a lapping/grinding/polishing wheel that you are making?

Getting a pottery wheel balanced is hard but vital. _candide_ struggles with his and has returned a new one a couple times. If it isn't balanced and true you might get a pulsation that will prevent your being able to center and even without it having your clay going up and down will give you nothing but frustration.

I don't have any good suggestions and wish you a lot of luck with it.

8th-Feb-2006 10:12 am (UTC)
'tis a wheel on it's side. and pulsing is EXACTLY what i'm getting. grrrrrrrrrr

very poo head city.
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