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and the tale of years of beekeeping lies before you.

all my wax to date (aside from the approx 2 large blocks i have previously consumed). I've been hording this stuff, convinced that as it made our medjeeval Beocurl a rich bastard, so it would me.  a Ross Eddington guy, in a TI article, says, "in 1417in Norwich, one and a half pounds of wax sold for 55 shillings"  that's aprrox 2.3 shilling per ounce of wax!

below is my (approx) ounce of wax. this is directly equal to (in 1403 Cambrige honey value -footnote1 ) 1 gallon of honey! a lot of expense for a pretty small candle.

but to take this further below is as per the times i have extracted then melted down. you'll notice that the amount has decresed the second last one is only 4 weeks old, is cappings only, but only a little less than my very first block. not bad. the final block is a tradgedy which i admit to beeing a neglectful beekeeper. it is a hive i attempted to artifically swarm, which ended in being waxmothed to death. i simply left it alone and understrength too long. i am very sad over this (but i got a buttload of wax, before the moth did :).

the above is 137oz of wax. by my above calculations i should be worth 314 shilling! cough up someone. (anyone any idea of shilling to pound conversion, and then = modern dollars?)

they are all melted into 1L milk cartons.

vikingrose says this below shot is very "Piet Mondrian"  and that "there are people who care"

1 Edding, R., The Use of bees and the practice of beekeeping in Medieval times Tournaments Illuminated, Issue 108, Fall 1993
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