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My crap
3rd-Feb-2006 12:18 am
I went and completed stages 2 and 3 in one fell swoop today. was a mole. i took heaps of fotos, but the all ended up looking the same.

stage 2 took me 1.5 hrs. stage 2-3 took me 2.75 hrs. both had extremely steep parts, stage 3 had a long slow steep part that was a killer. this is ganna hurt doing it all in one hit *grin*

below is a long straight stretch. the first foto is how far i had to go, and it's uphill. the second is looking behind me. u can see how the road drops away. tough took around 40 minutes just to walk this section.


below is random cool trees. it looked funky.

i tried to take a self portrait. but i was hot. i still have my jumper on, so this must be in the first of the two parts.

coming around the lake, they have mown the path. below shows how the trail looks. hopefully it will die down a fair bit so that it is easier to walk in.

coming into belgrave. this steep uphill part. it is a nasty little track. hard.

will upload the gps data as soon as the batteries recharge *grin*

glad i bothered doing this.

i went to stormhold meeting and helped splice ropes. it is nice to walk into a hall and be greeted by everyone. i hope i didn't blush too badly.  the sunshades look good and should be a lot more manageable for all concerned.
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