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I have finally got the funds to fix up the kiln. i went to do it 2 weeks ago and the bloody shop was closed for xmas. grrrrrr... they reopened today, so i went round and bought what i needed.  i replaced the 2 elements for $90. and a bit of skin off my knuckles. took under 20 minutes (plus an hour to buy them) - but i got a scrap of heat blanket also. nice think piece.

I start tafe soon (6th of feb) so i want the kiln up and running.


i got them installed and the turned it on. it used to take 2 hours to get to 400 C. 10 minutes. pity it then tripped the circuit as i discovered it's 15amp and nto ten. grrrrrrrrr

if any lovely electrician fairy wants to put a 15A circuit in for me, please call NOW. :) thank u.

i then pulled the broken flywheel off the wheel and went a to replace it. the shop didn't know if they could get another. i may have to 'modify this one *grin*

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