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a quick walk around the block.  there's this cat in the middle of the garden. it didn't move. i stared it down.

i fucking hate cats. a lot. i suffer their very existence because SO many other people seem to think they are dogs, i think i must be wrong. but if i ever get a chance, i happily kick cats.

anyway WHY go to this extreme? (yes i know birds and grass seed, but jesus, this is crap)

Helicopters however, they're cool. this one flies over our skies. it's the police one. i've never been closer than this, and i take hundreds of shots of it (and anyone i see) so i thought i would share. i like to equate seeing to helicopter to being a peasant in 1000 and seeing a new type of warrior, the Knight. this one, however, it flies and sounds like a dragon. this would kick any fairytale bozo in full plate and wiggling a long sword (even if they had a shield).

12km walked
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