sui (sui_001) wrote,

Ahh office kitchen how you amuse me.

Today you have happily supplied another round of excitement, todays adventure - Mould.

A tray of 6 cucumbers, sits upon the counter. They are dark green and the tray looks to be the vegetable crisper shelf from the fridge. A soft fuzz covers all the ends of the cucumbers, and darker spots cover the centres, there is about three clearly definable colours of mould.

The tray has since been abandoned after being taken out of the fridge, and the office is abuzz with whom originally purchased and then left these cucumbers to their sorry fate. But, as always, no one seems willing to tip the tray into the bin, wash and wipe the tray and replace it back into the fridge.

In the interests of science I choose also to be the person not to do it.. I'm intrigued to see how long it will stay there, and if so, what other types of mould will take to the rotting vegetable.


I wish i had a camera with me to start a visual diary of these things that I get to daylog... hmmmmmm....
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