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Hobby of the month
My crap
18th-Jan-2006 11:31 pm
I have been making a lot of giant cookies of late. betty crocker. double chocolate CHUNK cookies.  they are great at the end of an eve. with all the hard work I have been doing, these are my only vice. good and healthy eating. betty crocker damm u.

I know my thumb looks fat, but the cookies look BIG in this foto. love it.

there's these really easy instructions on the back. even I can follow them. I choose to ignore with the size and spacing of the cookies however. there I shall deviate.

then comes the fun easy bit. using mum's best mixer, from your childhood, mix:

the dry bits

the egg bits

then heap them all onto a tray in a pile.

you get a damm big cookie this way. as good as the pick on the front. just badly taken picture.

I walked 10km today. I am allowed to eat this. all. in one sitting. yes.
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