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sat round with friends this evening and watched a pair of patterns being nailed into place. having been doing much shoe thinking.

(can someone take a foto of them and email it to me so i can insert it ? I foolishly didn't take the camera out. please.)

So rather than talk about Their triumph, let's disscuss what i have noticed and thought. Take for example:

firstly this is about a man and a woman. a long time ago. i think this era is kinda cool, well, mostly cause we don't dress like that now. but they did. and they also knew less than i did, but then knew more about different things. i feel like i am winning on the knowledge base front. When I first look at this i am drawn straight to the glass beads hanging next to the mirror, but as i want to make them .. note them, and more on to more important matters, the shoes!


The guys shoes, above left, are simple slide on affairs, with a multiply tacked leather straps (which are crudely folded along the take line). if u make the picture full size, the wood looks like cork. not only are they shaped to his foot, but the have been carved underneath also. traction? weight? fashion? the womans shoes are a good deal fanicer. being red with little beads all overthem jobs that don't match her outfitt and seem to be covered with fabric. Both are adjustable foot sizing, the first with buckles and the womans pair seems knotted.

I recon you could use old giant cork shoes found at the trendiest Op shops as these would have the perfect amount of cork for the soles of the mans shoe, and make it super comfy! (better than straight wood!)

and in a surprisingly bold Maneuver (i always liked that word) doushkasmum saves me a great deal of anxiety and asks me before i got a chance to ask her.
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