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for those that don't know. i have been attempting to be on an exercise bender for the past year. it all startd out well enough. i lost 40 kgs, i started to get 'buff'. then it all went downhill.

the new year has rocked around, i start my diploma of arts (ceramics) on the 6th of feb, and i have entered into the Oxfam 100 km trailwalk. so i have joined the gym at tafe and today i went for a walk.

i walked the long way to tafe, via bike tracks and a friends house, then over to chadstone and back home. 21km on the button (according to my good ol' GPSr). sustained 6km/hr so it took me 3 and a bit hrs. pretty good. i forgot to have my camera with me so no pics, but i will get back into the habbit of taking more pics soon.

hopefully if i keep up the walking and other exercise i shoudl shit the 100 kms in a target of 30 hrs. (you have 48 to do it)

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