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the last month i have been having a good think. this year i have

i have collected the same quantity of honey i had in previoulsy collected in 3 years, in 4 weeks. i am about to repeat it.

I have relocated 3 hives. using open and closed hive methods. from ferntreegully to glen waverley (30 mins). successfully created a hive from scratch (artificlly swarmed) from this, and had bees draw combs. extracted.

from droiun to glen waverley (an hour) and then back to pakenham (45 mins). sting count 0. added extra super with drawn comb

I have also been doing sideline things like refining wax, and honey, to then further use the byproduct of that to create brews. with and without specific recipes.

the end result of the brew heads into the compost bin. i like the way i help the ants. the compost heap is bearly 2m from the bee hives.

I need to talk about these things more as a lot of them i haven't taken fotos of some processes.
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