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Hobby of the month
My crap
medievil entertainment. 
8th-Dec-2005 12:54 am
of course the other job i have done this year, medieval presenter to year 7-8 students.

i can prattle for 1-2 perioods on harold hadrada, and william the bastard, put armour on and not hurt children, its given e some wonderful skills over the year.

the final class of the year was held in eltham at monslofat ( i am sure those who know will correct my spelling of this place).

it's a groovy hippy art commune than i woudl sell my soul to participate in. if i had the talent ;)




these last thre show myself and erudito presenting to the gathered crowd.

i like to think we're funny.

11th-Jan-2006 12:17 am (UTC) - Beautiful pics!
Its Montsalvat, and in Eltham, not Lilydale. And my grandmother helped build parts of it in the 1930's, and used to have many tales of the dysfunctional personalities involved!

Also, I grew up about 2 streets away from there- you would have driven past the bus stop I used to get on the corner of Mt Pleasant rd.
25th-Jan-2006 07:48 am (UTC)
holee crap! That is too cool. Found the website http://www.montsalvat.com.au/

Also, because you initially wrote it up as being in Lilydale the first time, I googled "Lilydale Australia" and stumbled on http://www.globalfreeloaders.com/ and I thought you'd think that was cool too.
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