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fun run 
7th-Jan-2006 09:12 pm
I want for a jog today. a week ago it wasn't even planned. 3 days ago my sister calls up and asks if i want to go in a fun run. i agreed.

it turne dout to be 7.1 km, down on point nepean (which is where harold holt defected to the chinese (in mini subs!)). it was a steep uphill run for 2km then back down to the beach and another 3 kms slong soft sand (high tide was upon us).

i targeted an hour.

when i achieved 39 minute i was stoked. well done me. on target for the oxfam 100km walk.

here's some of the booty i pillaged from the goodies table after the fun run:

11th-Jan-2006 12:45 am (UTC)
omg that heel balm is godly.
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